How long does it take zenni optical to ship glasses

how long does it take zenni optical to ship glasses

Quick Answer: Where Does Zenni Optical Make Their Glasses?

Express Shipping Estimated Delivery: days $; International. Standard Shipping Estimated Delivery: days $; APO and FPO address. Standard shipping ( days) and Priority shipping ( days) time frame do not apply to APO and FPO address. Shipping time for APO and FPO will be much longer. Standard shipping ( days) and Priority shipping ( days) time frame do not apply to APO and FPO address. Shipping time for APO and FPO will be much longerPhone: ()

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I have very bad eyesight and ootical wear contacts. A play I'm in is opening September 29 and my costumer told me today that I can wear my glasses if I find character appropriate ones. She's happy with many options on Zenni Optical, but I've heard they take a while to ship. Is there any chance I would get them in time if I order them tomorrow? Do they have fast shipping options? Hear is what How to relocate a dislocated rib would do in your shoes.

With current prescription in hand, I would call them up and give then your prescription information and tell them you need the glasses fast, and see what they have how to make a bannedstory video say.

Just let them know that you need a rush job in 10 days or less, and if they can not do this, do they know who can? Ask them how long it takes to make the actual lens and if it is done here in the US or shipped from another country to them and then to you.

The more steps it has to take from where the glasses are made, the longer it will take to put them in your hands. And remember the higher the index, the more the glasses lenses actually are going to cost, and you will be stuck with these glasses after the play, so be ready to eat the cost of the glasses if the production isn't picking up the cost. That "Best Answer" person is right. If you were to be going to the doctor to opticla your glases it would take the same amount of time as that regular shipping cost.

But thats just my opinion. I live in Atlanta, GA and the rep told me that it would take business day so i guess thats what im waiting.

It has been said how to open a php file in windows 8 few times in here that people waited about 3 weeks for an order from Zenni. Mail from Hong Kong takes time LOVE them. Always happy - great service and can't beat prices. The first pair I ordered took about 8 days and the second pair just under a week. I don't think that's bad at all, but I have shil simple single vision distance prescription.

My friend who told me about Zenni has a very tricky complex prescription for lenses and hers took closer to a month to arrive and I am assuming that is why. I ordered once and took the priority shipping for three extra dollars, which was a day time frame. I got them on the 10th day. Zenni takes more than 2 weeks optica, ship, during my experience with them.

They do not offer fast shipping options on their site, but Bear makes a good suggestion to call them and ask. In my time of shopping online, they have been one of the fastest, going at 10 business days sometimes less, sometimes more, it depends.

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RE: How long does Zenni Optical take to ship? Erika Lv 4. Catherine R. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

My Experience With Zenni Optical Glasses

Jul 05,  · My husband's took almost the full amount of time that they said (2 weeks + 5 days due to the progressive bifocals - I think that's what you call it). If they arrived early, it wasn't but a day or so. But, he loves the glasses and is thoroughly sold on ZenniOptical now! Have A Question? Live chat support 24/7. (Habla espanol 5am-9pm PT) Phone Support: 5am - 9pm PT every day () (Co-browse with a customer care specialist today) We also now offer Espanol and Francais voice support from 5am - 9pm PT every day. 2 days ago · How Long Does Zenni Take To Ship? I placed my order on March 23 and my glasses arrived on April 5th. I was impressed by the two week time frame for a couple reasons. 1. They had to put my script into the frames. 2. Shipping to Hawaii always takes a bit of extra time. and 3. COVID has mail backed up and there have been delays.

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Thread starter bucket o' butter Start date Jul 4, Joined Jun 22, I just ordered glasses for my daughter. Does anyone know how long it takes to ship the orders? Their website says "up to two weeks", but I am curious how quick other people received their orders. We leave for Disney in 15 days and I am hoping to get them before we leave. I know I am cutting it close, but payday wasn't until yesterday!

So, if you have ordered from Zenni, how long did it take your glasses to arrive? Joined Sep 29, Mine arrived in exactly 2 weeks.

Joined Jul 10, I'll post when I get them for a frame of reference. Joined Aug 18, Joined Oct 8, I just ordered mine today and I will post when I receive them. Joined Jul 21, If they arrived early, it wasn't but a day or so. But, he loves the glasses and is thoroughly sold on ZenniOptical now!

Joined Jan 1, I just ordered 3 pairs and was wondering the same thing. I got the bifocals, too, so I suppose it will be at least the full 2 weeks. Joined Aug 6, I ordered 5 pairs recently and it took 9 days! You must log in or register to reply here.

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