How to breed all rare dragons in dragon city

how to breed all rare dragons in dragon city

Dragon City Breeding Guide With Pictures

Math everything. Select at random two Hybrids that have one of the Elements each. Derive all possible Element combinations. List all possible dragons by Difficulty Group. If there are too many members in the same Difficulty Group as your Rare Hybrid, discard Hybrid combination and re-start process, until a suitable combination is found. Jan 05,  · Rare Hybrid Dragons. Rare Hybrid Dragons. The above combinations is what I would use to get the rare hybrids. Firebird(Flame+Nature) + Star(Terra+Electric) = Gummy. Medieval(Flame+Metal) + Alpine(Terra+Ice) = Armadillo or Cool Fire or Soccer. Red Woods + Petroleum will give you a shot at Leviathan. There are also other combinations.

Here is a brief combination guide on breeding dragons in Dragon City. Find out the different cute little dragons you can get. Get the Terra Combinations Image. Get the Flame Combinations Image. Get the Sea Dragon Combinations Image. You cannot breed Electric and Nature directly to get Gummy Dragon.

Get the Nature Dragon Combinations Image. Get the Electric Dragon Combinations Image. Get the Ice Dragon Combinations Image. Get the Metal Dragon Combinations Image. Get what was the first computer with graphical user interface Dark Dragon Combinations Image. There are also other combinations. Any War hybrid and Sea hybrid will also yield the same result.

Poo is no longer a rare hybrid and is actually an exclusive dragon. These dragons are extremely powerful and useful in dragon city battles. For example:. Breeding Pure Dragons These can be breed using any of the 4 legendary dragons. You can mix the similar ones as well. Either of these combos are good:. This is the newest group that how to put egg in fried rice released by Social Point. People were complaining they could not complete their dragon collection.

Please note that you drgaons breed the dragons with the level requirements for a chance to get the dragin. Use any Legendary Droconos, Wind, Nirobi, Legendary, Mirror or Crystal and a rare hybrid with the required levels to obtain exclusives. Get the Light Dragon Combinations Image. War Dragon cannot be breed directly with Sea. There are also other combinations, but these are the easiest ones rrae get. Good luck with breeding! If you need any help, feel free to let me know by commenting below!

Get the War Dragon Combinations Image. For those who also play Monster Legends, I also made a breeding guide for it. Terra Flame Flaming Rock Volcano. Terra Sea Waterfall Mud. Terra Nature Tropical Cactus. Terra Electric Star Chameleon. Terra Ice Snowflake Alpine. Terra Dark Hedgehog Venom. Flame Terra Flaming Rock Volcano. Flame Sea Cloud Blizzard. Flame Nature Firebird Spicy. Flame Electric Hot Metal Laser.

Flame Metal Medieval Steampunk. Flame Dark Vampire Dark Fire. Sea Terra Mud Waterfall. Sea Flame Cloud Blizzard. Sea Metal Seashell Mercury. Sea Dark Petroleum Pirate. Nature Terra Tropical Cactus. Nature Flame Spicy Firebird. Nature Ice Dandelion Mojito. Nature Metal Dragonfly Jade. Electric Terra Star Chameleon.

Electric Flame Laser Hot Metal. Electric Metal Battery Gold. Electric Dark Neon. Ice Terra Snowflake Alpine. Ice Nature Dandelion Mojito. Ice Metal Platinum Pearl. Ice Dark Penguin. Metal Flame Medieval Steampunk. Metal Sea Mercury Seashell.

Metal Nature Jade Dragonfly. Metal Electric Battery Gold. Metal Ice Platinum Pearl. Metal Dark Zombie. Dark Terra Hedgehog Venom. Dark Flame Dark Fire Vampire. Dark Sea Petroleum Pirate. Dark Electric Neon. Dark Ice Penguin.

Dark Metal Zombie. Pure Terra Pure Terra. Pure Flame Pure Flame. Pure Sea Pure Sea. Pure Brefd Pure Nature. Pure Electric Pure Electric. Pure Ice Pure Ice. Pure Metal Pure Metal. Pure Dark Pure Dark. Archangel Terra Justice. Archangel Flame Sun. Archangel Sea Luminsicent. Archangel Nature Gaia. Archangel Electric Photon. Archangel Ice Cold Star. Archangel Metal Rainbow. Archangel War Elfic. War Terra Colossal. War Flame Juggernaut. War Nature Red Woods.

War Electric Xll. War Ice Nightwind. War Metal Panzer. War Dark Dark Stone. War Archangel Elfic.

Breeding a Terra Dragon

The only way to get Pure Dragon is by breeding Legendary to another Legendary Dragon. They are not sold in the item shop so you can only get them by breeding or getting them as a reward in mini games. Once you have Pure dragon, you can now shoot for Pure Elemental. They are breed from Pure + Elemental dragon combo. You can use hybrid dragons + Pure dragon but I prefer Pure + Single element dragon. Mar 18,  · Help R2T Hit 50 Subscribers: don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel for more videos and write your th. May 25,  · The best breeding combination for legendary elemental dragons is by breeding together Pure + Pure for all of the legendary dragon breed ranks. Pure + Pure is the best breeding combination to breed Dragon City legendary dragons. Legendary Dragon Crystal Dragon Wind Dragon Mirror Dragon Nirobi Droconos. Breeding Sanctuary – Unlock the Dragon Temple.

This Tutorial was created to address the confusion of new players, who are generally used to the ease of breeding other Dragons. The typical question is: "How do I breed insert name of Rare Hybrid here? This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Multi-way Combo Nmtan Method. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Breed Hybrids whose elements can result in more than one way of producing Rare Hybrids.

This method results in the highest chance of obtaining rare hybrids, but the chances of getting a duplicate is just as high. Use this method only if you haven't obtained both rare hybrids yet. If you only want a specific rare hybrid, use the Same Unused Element Method. The simplest way is to just understand the rare hybrid you want, split them apart, and give them a new and same element, and that would be your parents.

This will always result in the highest chance of obtaining a specific rare hybrid. This means your parents can be Tropical and Star Dragon. Using early-level Elements such as Terra and Flame are recommended as they reduce your waiting time. Math everything. Select at random two Hybrids that have one of the Elements each.

Derive all possible Element combinations. List all possible dragons by Difficulty Group. If there are too many members in the same Difficulty Group as your Rare Hybrid, discard Hybrid combination and re-start process, until a suitable combination is found. If existing Dragons are not suitable, either breed another one and feed to desired level, or choose another pair and start over.

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