How to calculate current consumption of ac

how to calculate current consumption of ac

Air Conditioner Power Consumption Calculator

Jun 26, †Ј Annual Power Consumption of 3 STAR Diakin Inverter Split AC ( hours in a year) = Units or kWh. Annual Electricity Bill per Year (assuming Rs. 5 per unit): Assuming that AC is operated only in summer i.e. 4 months and 15 hours a day = ?15 = hours. Power Consumption of 5 STAR Diakin Inverter Split AC for hours = (?) / To calculate the power consumption of your AC just input the rated power of your AC, operation hours of your AC and the electricity tariff in your place. A a rule of thumb, to calculate energy consumption consider 1 ton of AC is equal to watts. So if you have ton AC type watts in rated power section.

Here is the list of basic electricity use of AC for different capacities. Cooling capacity P ower- Consumption. Above is the list of basic AC power consumption considering full load while running. You can calculate the monthly electricity bill for your AC by following these steps:. This is the basic calculation of AC power consumption. There are so many factors which affect power consumption:.

Suppose Ч you start the AC and your room temperature is 30 degrees, once your required temperature of 24 degrees is obtained the inverter AC will bring down the RPM of the blower and henceforth the power devoured will less compared to the time when AC was started.

The temperature of your room is critical which will fluctuate every day, how hot how to establish a baseline it outside and regardless of whether you are residing on the top floor and the number of windows and sort of glass utilized as a part of it. If your AC running most of the time in fan mode than electricity consumption will be decreased significantly.

These ratings are posted on an Energy Guide Label, which must be connected in an unmistakable place on all-new Air Conditioners. Numerous AC producers are intentional members in the Energy Star naming system. Air conditioner models with 1 to 5 stars rating are accessible in the market. A 5-star demonstrate spares most extreme savings, and the 1-star rated display expends greater power.

Here is a chart of 1. A few urban areas are hot; some are damp and some chilly. An air conditioner completes 2 things: cool the air and evacuate the stickiness. In the event that a city is hot, a large portion of the power is expended to cut down the temperature. Be that as it may, a few urban areas are moist yet not exceptionally hot coastal locales and in light of the fact that the exchanging of the blower relies upon temperature.

The utilization will be less in the city with bringing down the temperature. This additionally raises a point that the tonnage of AC required for a room fluctuates crosswise over urban areas. A city that is muggier does not require much cooling but rather needs a greater amount of stickiness evacuation. Stickiness evacuation relies upon the ideal opportunity for which blower runs. We regularly watch that our laptops or PCs heat up after long activity.

Explain what is peace education, even cell phones carry on a similar way. All electronic and electrical machines radiate a warmth that will be cooled if Air Conditioner is turned on. Indeed, even knobs and lights transmit warm alongside light. In this way in the event that you put a considerable measure of lights in a room, the room will require more cooling.

Accordingly utilizing lesser lights will have a twofold advantage. Here is the list of best-rated AC which consumed less energy with robust performance. Please feel free to ask in the comment section if you have any query regarding Air Conditioner power consumption. You can also give feedback in the comment section. The green temperature is degrees. Keep the AC at that temperature and blower at medium or high speed. It achieves the best tradeoff of cooling with less consumption.

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Power consumed can be noted from the table above or from the brochure or nameplate details of the air conditioner. Number of Units consumed = (/ ) kW x 10 hrs = units (kWh) Electricity bill = Number of units consumed x Rate per unit. Online electricity bill calculator for AC Factors affecting the efficiency of an air conditioner. AC Power is an alternating current electrical energy consumed by the load connected in an electrical circuit, generally measured in horsepower, watts, kilo-watts or kilo-watts-hour. Whereas, single phase electric power is the electrical energy consumed by the load from phase & neutral. For Single Phase P = V ? I ? cos (?) V = P / (I ? cos (?) I = P / (V ? cos (?) For Three Phase P = v3 ? V ? I ? cos (?) V = P / (3 ? I ? cos (?) I = P / (3 ? V ? cos (?) Where, P = Power ? = Power Factor Angle V = Voltage I = Current. The above AC power calculator is designed in a .

But the main thing which comes to our mind is the power consumption of AC. As this have a significant effect on our pocket. The very first thing is to note down the details provided on the name plate of AC.

Following parameters should be noted from the name plate:. Cooling Capacity:. Cooling Capacity of AC is defined as the amount of heat energy removed from room. BTU stand for British Thermal Unit and it is defined as the amount of heat energy required o raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. If you calculate this, you will find that. Similarly, if we consider 1.

Thus cooling capacity is fixed by the tonnage of AC. Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER is a parameter which determines the utilization of input power supply to cool the room. Obviously, every consumer should look for better utilization of input power supply as it will help to reduce the electricity consumption and hence bill.

From the above table it is clear that if EER lies in between 3. But what does this information mean to a consumer? The better the EER value, the lower will be the power consumption AC and hence lower will be impact on you pocket. It is defined as the ratio of total amount of heat energy removed from the indoor air in a year to the total amount of power consumed annually. This concept is introduced as the ambient temperature throughout the year varies and hence the cooling capacity of AC also varies to maintain a fixed indoor air temperature.

In inverter AC , the tonnage of AC varies with the heat load. This greatly helps in improving the energy efficiency. As the name suggest, it is seasonal energy efficiency ratio.

In this method, the ISEER value is calculated for the entire year assuming the temperature profile for the year and operating hours of AC in a year.

Electricity consumption per year is also mentioned. But it must be noted that, the electricity consumption mentioned on the name plate has been calculated based on certain parameters. The actual power consumption by AC depends on various factors: Room Size, Heat Load in the room, ambient temperature etc. Thus the actual yearly power consumption may vary from what mentioned. But the power consumption mentioned at the name plate may serve as a reference for comparison of various ACs.

Obviously, one which consumes less power. As inverter AC is variable tonnage AC. It changes its tonnage as per the ambient and room temperature.

Therefore, its energy efficiency is quite good and hence consumes less power. While non-inverter AC always runs at full tonnage and hence consumes more power for the same room cooling.

Therefore, Inverter AC is always recommend. Comparison has been made by taking price of Diakin brand 1. I just found this brand best from performance, durability and maintenance point of view. Above all its cost is quite reasonable.

Annual Electricity Bill per Year assuming Rs. Assuming that AC is operated only in summer i. Number of years required to save Rs. So what is the point in purchasing 5 STAR AC for personal household use if initial cost invested is recovered in 8 years. Mind that the calculation has been done assuming that AC will be operated for 15 hours for 4 months. In many areas, the peak summer requiring AC only lasts for around 3 months.

Here is the best ACs. The calculation shown are indicative. The actual power consumption may vary. The purpose of the article was to convey the information. Very nice comparison Sir. Please recommend me to buy an ac for home use, which will run for 4 to 5 months in a year, and per day running for 10 hours.

Should I go for 3 star or 5 star ac and inverter or non inverter. Thanks in advance. Thank you very much. Since, the difference in price of Inverter and Non-Inverter types is very less of the order of Rs. Next thing is after sale service and easy availability of any spare parts, in view of this Voltas will a good choice. So you can opt for Voltas.

However, Diakin is also good. I will suggest you to go for 3 STAR, 1. Absolutely Perfect. Thanks for an eye opening idea Admin. The aim of article is to illustrate the suitability of particular kind as per usages, rate of electricity etc. Hope you understand what the article aims. If still you have doubt, kindly revert. Hi, this is an eye opener. Understood that an inverter ac is efficient in terms of power consumption.

Also understood that a 5 Star rated ac is more efficient than a 3 Star rated ac in terms of power consumption. Planning to install a 2. Run time would be hours per year. Kindly guide: Should I opt for a 5 Star or a 3 Star rated ac in terms of monetary savings. But i also came to know that PCB price is high in case of failure. Considering this is it advisable to buy a non-inverter AC.

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What generator size I nee need to run a1. Thank you Manish! Kindly share the post if you like it. Since the price difference is only 4K as you mentioned, go for inverter AC. EER is against 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Kindly explain, it will help to better understand. Thank you for adding. This will help me to make and appropriate purchase. Thank you Reply. Thank you very much for this great explanation, I have one doubt, how that hrs value came?

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