How to draw the maple leaf

how to draw the maple leaf

How to Draw a Maple Leaf Step by Step

Nov 16,  · Learn how to draw a maple leaf real easy with step by step instructions from Shoo Rayner, the author of Everyone Can Draw - the book that teaches you how to. Maple Leaf drawing - step 1 1. Begin by drawing a long curved line. This will become the leaf's central vein and its stem.

To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 2, times. Learn more The Maple Leaf Flag has been an iconic symbol of the great nation of Canada for years. It was adopted as the official flag on February 15,two years before the country's Centennial.

The red represents the sacrifices Tk made during World War 2, and the maple leaf is a national symbol. Read on for a comprehensive look at how to recreate this beautiful flag. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username ample email to continue.

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To draw the Maple Leaf Flag, you will need a draa piece of paper, a how to make a good music video, a pencil, a light source, scissors, and a leqf marker. You can also use a red crayon or pencil crayon, but a marker will give you the best coverage. Depending on your skills, using paint could be a risky decision. Study the proportions of the Maple Leaf Flag. The flag's width to height ratio is Also, take note of the size of the red and white bands.

The red bands on the left and right each take up one-fourth of the flag. The white band occupies the middle two-fourths of the flag. Study the form of the maple leaf. The maple leaf is so iconic, take care not to mess it up. Note that the leaf has a total of 11 points mapple three sections, with two points falling outside of the three main sections. The leaf is symmetrical.

Part 2 of Make sure your paper fits the ratio. If it doesn't, and you want a bigger flag, you will have to find a new sheet. If you are okay with a smaller flag measure and mark the correct proportions, then cut. Recommended measurements are ones with which the length units can be easily and evenly divide into 4. These include 2 units: 4 units, 4 units: 8 units, and 8 units: 16 units. Divide tto paper into sections.

Turn the sheet so it is in landscape mode. Lay your ruler horizontally across the width. Make three small, evenly placed ticks at the top of your paper with your pencil. This lfaf section the sheet into four. Lightly erase the tick marks. Make the red sections. Line your ruler how to reset a master lock speed dial vertically with the first tick mark from the previous step.

Use your red marker to draw a line down the paper along the ruler. Color from the line to the edge of the paper. Repeat for the third mark. Find the maplf. Align your ruler with the second tick in the middle of your paper. Using your pencil, lightly draw a line along your ruler. Flip your paper over and fold along this line. The colored side should face out.

Draw half of the maple leaf. Using your pencil, sketch half of the maple leaf. This will include one half-section 1. Try to center the leaf as best you can. Draw the rest of the leaf. Flip your folded paper over and set it against a light source. This light source can be ro window, lightbox, or computer screen.

You will be ho to see the outline of the half leaf you drew in the previous step. Trace this with your pencil. Unfold your paper.

You should now have two colored sections, a centerline, and the outline hw a leaf. Erase the centerline completely, and lightly erase your leaf outline. Color your leaf. Leag on the light outline, fill the maple leaf with red. Your flag is done!

Consider displaying it. You could frame your flag or glue it to a stick. Get creative! Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. It tto take a few tries to get the flag right. Don't be discouraged! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. If drraw don't want a creased flag, follow the steps above, but don't color or erase the outline. Using your light source, trace the outline to another sheet of paper, then color.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Leaf

Sep 10,  · Now draw out the shape of the maple leaf and draw in all the detailing to the maple leaf and then erase any mistakes you might have made. Step 4. Here is the guidelines. Now you can draw many of these leaves to create a nice Autumn drawing. Comments (0) More From Dawn. . Nov 02,  · How to Draw a Maple Leaf Step 1. With an HB pencil, I draw the core line of the leaf and the extension for its petiole (a leaf’s stalk). I mark the top and bottom borders of the leaf. Step 2. I draw six directional lines of the leaf’s veins. The core line is also a reference for the central vein (the midrib).Author: Eugenia Hauss. Apr 30,  · Draw half of the maple leaf. Using your pencil, sketch half of the maple leaf. This will include one half-section ( points), one full section (3 points), one point, and half of the stem. %(2).

This short tutorial shows how to draw a maple leaf in four steps with simple illustrated examples and quick explanations. Maple leaves have a very interesting shape but one that also makes them a little more difficult to draw then some other leave types. To help this tutorial shows a fairly simple step by step approach to drawing them. You can darken the lines after you are almost finished with the drawing. Start by drawing the petiole part that attaches the leaf to the branch , midrib and the main veins.

These will then work as guides for outlining the shape of the maple leaf. These veins should all start from the same point where the petiole transitions into the midrib. Draw each of these parts with a slightly curved or even wavy shape to make them look more natural as opposed to just straight lines. The leaf should be split into five main parts. Two smaller ones at the bottom and three larger ones that each split into three more. After you finish drawing the outline of the leaf add the smaller and medium sized veins.

The medium sized veins should generally go towards one of the tips while the small veins can be placed fairly randomly. Optionally you can also make the main outline of the leaf thicker than the smaller details. Use pretty much anything you like to color the leaf markers, colored, pencils, paints, pastels, etc…. Generally you will want to make it either red as in this example green, or yellow.

Depending on weather you want a summer or a fall leaf. A maple leaf has a very interesting shape which makes it quite popular and fun to draw. While it can be a little more complex than some other leaves you can make the drawing process a little easier by applying the step by step method used in this tutorial.

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