How to get from israel to egypt

how to get from israel to egypt

Visiting Cairo and Egypt from Israel

Apr 18,  · There are 5 ways to get from Israel to Egypt by bus, plane, train, car or car ferry Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. Joining a Tour to Cairo and Egypt from Israel The many Tours to Cairo from Israel depart every day. They leave from Eilat, where the Taba Border Crossing with Egypt is just a five minute drive from the city. They also leave from Tel Aviv, where the connection to Eilat is made by a 45 minute flight.

Thinking of joining family who are going to Israel starting in Jerusalem for a few days then going to Tel Aviv. My friend and I want to join and he wants to go to Egypt to see the pyramids too.

Is there a convenient way to do this? At that point our relatives would how to install ssl certificate in websphere application server to Tel Aviv and stay for another 4 nights, but we would want to visit Egypt mainly to see the Pyramids and the sphinx.

Then meet backup with them in Tel aviv so we'd probably only want to spend 1 or 2 nights in Egypt max. Is there a way to do this? I think flying would be better to save time. I don't know how long it takes to get there or how long we'd have to stay in How to get buddy list back to see the pyramids.

If we stay overnight we'd want to stay in a luxury hotel. BTW I am Jewish my friend is not. I've never been to an Arab country and don't know if that will be an issue in Egypt my last name is a common Jewish name and both of us will be coming from Israel. We're American btw.

First of all welcome to the Israel forum where you will get great tips on your upcoming visit to Israel. There is no convenient way to get to the pyramids from Israel. Your option are an expensive flight from Ben Gurion Airport to Cairo and arranging a tour from there flights available only from a live travel agent on Air Sinai.

Or how to do a perfect run in asphalt 8 a bus through Sinai from Eilat which will take about 10 hours as they no longer cross hkw Sinai desert due to security issues last time Bow checked this was still the case.

If you are an extra days in the region than this is doable. If not keep the pyramids for another time. If you are only coming to Israel for days I suggest forgetting Egypt this trip. While it is safe to get to the pyramids from within Egypt all tourist buses have armed guards on them for protection -- the difficulty in getting to Egypt from Eegypt is not worth the hassle in my opinion. You should post this question also on the Egyptian forum on how to get to the areas you wish to visit from the Cairo airport.

There is usually no issue for Jews in Egypt, however there are some groups that don't particularly care for frkm so I suggest only a group tour with is secured. I agree with Chana's response in toto. This is not a convenient side-tour. You have a very short visit as it is -- I'd focus on Israel.

And Yo also consider more time in Jerusalem and less in Tel Aviv. Maybe two night in Tel Aviv and the rest in Jerusalem. I totally agree with Chana that you should just forget Egypt. Do a separate Egypt trip when you have more isdael to see more than just the Pyramids. However, I disagree with Gget that you should take a group tour if you do decide to go.

There's no evidence or reasonable basis for saying that you're more secure on a group tour in Egypt than as an independent traveler. In fact, you're arguably more of a target on a group tour, as tour buses have been specifically targeted in the past. And OP: you're totally overestimating the extent to which someone in Egypt or anywhere else how to execute sql query in putty the Arab world would be able to identify a Jewish name.

Unless you're wearing a kippah or visible tzitzit, you'll just be seen as American. Thanks for the replies. Here's the deal. I've been to Israel once before 20 years ago. My friend is not Jewish and really really wants to see the Egypt pyramids. I'm trying to how to stop rabbits getting in my garden him to go on this trip with me and adding in Egypt is really the way to do it : He's more interested in Egypt really, though he is interested in seeing Jerusalem.

I'm planning it around my parents trip so we can hang out with them in J and maybe rejoin them in TA. I don't think there will be that much to do in TA and I've been there before. So if there's a way to fly to Egypt that is fine.

I found this tour site which seems to operate what Im looking for but I would only have 1 or 2 days to spare in egypt. We would get to TA on a monday and leave the following monday so figure 3 nights in J, 1 or 2 in Egypt and the rest in TA. I doubt my friend and I would take another trip like this to the ME anytime soon so we want to what landforms do the us and canada share to do it all in once tour.

Obviously, it's your trip and your priorities- but to say that you were in Israel 20 years ago - means that so many things here will appear new and different that you will have moments when you ask yourself if you have been here before. If you're adamant on doing Egypt, you might as well fly into Cairo one way and out of TLV the other way, or vice versa. You're essentially wasting a day by having to backtrack. So, you need to take flight schedules into consideration.

Also, it's very rushed to be able to do just the Pyramids as a 1 night trip. By the time you get out of the airport, it'll be, what, pm? I suppose you could arrange a private driver to meet you at the airport and take you directly to the Giza pyramids so you can see them quickly. And since the flights don't leave every day, "1 vs 2 nights" is not even an option sometimes. I agree with LAX suggestion. Fly to Cairo, Egypt. Take the flight from Egypt to Tel-Aviv or the other way around as otherwise most of your time will be wasted in travelling and not sightseeing.

The flight to Cairo from Tel Aviv is very short under an frok and there is no time change so it's not actually much of a bigger deal than ro to Eilatwhich many people do during Israel trips - it's just expensive. You need to buy a visa on arrival but it only takes a few minutes. See how to build a camera track site for the opening hours of the pyramids. If you are travelling in the summer the pyramids are open until 7pm so you could feasibly fly into Cairo, take a private taxi to Giza get your hotel to organize it enjoy a few hours at the pyramids, egyypt overnight perhaps near the airport and fly back to Tel Aviv the next morning:.

The Egyptian tourism industry is used to organizing stopover-type visits so you won't have a problem making arrangements, and I don't think there's any need to use an Israeli tour operator.

About travelling to Egypt from Israel: safety-wise it would be sensible to present yourself as an American and not mention Israel. Won't they know I'm coming in from Tel Aviv when I land?? If I fly to Cairo and back from Tel Aviv is that still true? Yes, they will know that you have come from Israel or are going back to Israel - and that is fine at the airport and the border crossing - the suggestion to not mention Israel is while you are in Egypt - even though there are peaceful borders and proper diplomatic relations between the countries - that does not mean that the idea isrel someone having been in Israel will be well received by eygpt on the street - so best crom keep some things quiet.

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Avoid Gaza

Sep 05,  · The most practical way to travel between Israel and Egypt is overland via the Taba border crossing just south of Eilat. However at this time (November ), it will only provide convenient access to the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. To me, a public bus was never an option. Taxis are cheap and safe. Bare in mind I travelled Egypt alone. Arrange a taxi from the hotel you are staying at in Dahab. It should cost you around $ If you aren't staying in a hotel that offers that service join Dahab news & talk Facebook page and ask in there and you'll get a ton of offers. Make sure you pre-arrange though, there aren't going to be taxis waiting around. Jan 23,  · To get to the Taba border, you will first have to go to Eilat city (south of Israel), you can do it by plane from Tel Aviv or by a bus.

After you've taken in the ancient sights of Egypt, head to Israel to continue your time-travel. Egypt and Israel have myriad antique sights to attract visitors from around the world. Particularly for tourists from afar, it can prove convenient to combine visits to both countries. When traveling from Egypt into Israel, you can select from several transportation options; however, some routes are simpler than others. Traveling by air is a simple means of making your way between the neighboring nations.

The Israeli airline El Al elal. Should you travel by land, you may select between two border crossings between Egypt and Israel. One of these is at Rafah and leads into Israel by way of the Gaza Strip. For the easiest and safest passage, do not cross at Rafah, but instead head to the border crossing at Taba, situated at the southeastern edge of the border, near the Gulf of Aqaba.

The United States government advises American citizens against entering the region as government personnel, such as embassy officials, do not enter the area, leaving U. Instead of traveling independently, some visitors may find a group bus tour a more comfortable and stress-free means of crossing from Egypt into Israel.

Mazada Tours mazada. Instead of using up one of your travel days to make the journey, you can alternately take a night bus from Cairo to Taba and thereby avoid the hot ride through the Sinai desert. Continue on to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or spend the following day in the nearby beach town of Eilat.

The most effective means of making your trip easier is to get your papers in order for the border control and to follow some basic protocol. American citizens must have a passport that will be valid for the following six months; this will entitle them to a three-month renewable visa at no charge.

If you have ever been refused entry into Israel, contact the Israeli consulate before you attempt to enter again. If Israeli border control authorities believe you have Arab, Middle Eastern, or Muslim ancestry, anticipate possible extended questioning or wait times in the airport.

Likewise, requesting that Israeli passport control authorities do not stamp your passport may result in a longer wait. When booking any connecting flights, simplify your trip by allowing for extra time. Danielle Hill has been writing, editing and translating since How to Travel to Petra From Israel. Danielle Hill, Leaf Group. Take to the Sky Traveling by air is a simple means of making your way between the neighboring nations. Avoid Gaza Should you travel by land, you may select between two border crossings between Egypt and Israel.

Book a Bus Instead of traveling independently, some visitors may find a group bus tour a more comfortable and stress-free means of crossing from Egypt into Israel. Prepare for Border Crossing The most effective means of making your trip easier is to get your papers in order for the border control and to follow some basic protocol.

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