How to handle difficult people ppt

how to handle difficult people ppt

How to Deal with Difficult People Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

7 WAYS TO DIFFUSE A DIFFICULT ENCOUNTER Minimize time with problem people/don’t argue with them. Don’t try to reason with the unreasonable. Say as little as possible – You will be the target Accept the person as is an idiot/narcissists etc. Avoid topics that cause trouble. Dealing with Difficult People - Dealing with Difficult People Dr. Scott Pelok University of Michigan User Group University * | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view Character Strength the Secret Ingredient of Successful People - Most often it is seen that people are in search of an answer to one of the most pertinent question that is what.

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with Difficult People Objectives •All starts with you –Emotional Intelligence •Define conflict and difficult people. •Identify the causes of conflict and conflict resolution tactics. •Review the five main styles of dealing with conflict. •Learn the eight main types of difficult people. •Practice a nine-step dealing with difficult people. Feb 28,  · Dealing with difficult people is easier when the person is just generally obnoxious or when the behavior affects more than one person. You can team together to address the behavior or inform management and Human Resources staff to get help .

Everything you need to live a life in total balance from the authority in well-being. Deepen your well-being practices and develop techniques to teach others with a prestigious Chopra certification. Resource for mind-body health, meditation, personal growth, nutrition, and more. Life is a web of relationships. Human beings are social creatures, deeply entangled in countless relationships throughout life. Navigating these interactions can often result in stress, tension, and anxiety that negatively impact your mood and expose you to unpleasant emotional toxicity.

Therefore, try to avoid judging their behavior. No matter how it may appear from your perspective, few, if any of the difficult people in your life are deliberately trying to be the bad guy or villain. They are simply making the choices that seem best from where they find themselves in the current moment, regardless of the amount of mayhem it might bring into the experience of others.

Part of the curriculum at the Chopra's Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle program includes exploring the tools for conscious communication, which can help you learn to communicate directly with the people in your life for maximum emotional and spiritual well-being.

These are powerful and transformative questions that can lead to a more productive and conscious exchange with the people in your life. However, what if a person is unwilling to help you meet your needs and falls squarely into the category of being a difficult person?

How can you maintain your presence and respond from the level of highest awareness? The following seven steps can be used to help you navigate the rough waters of dealing with a negative person.

They can be used independently or in sequence, depending on what the situation requires. Interactions with difficult people are dynamic and there is no one quick fix for every situation.

Also, note that these suggestions focus primarily around changing your perceptions of the relationship rather than trying to change the behavior of the other person. This acronym can be the most fundamental step in coping with a difficult personal relationship.

No matter how challenging the difficult person or relationship is, this pause will help to derail the emotional reactions that are primed to take over in the heat of the moment. There are four primary control dramas:. Control dramas are frequently learned in childhood as a strategy to manipulate others into giving you what you want.

Interestingly, many people never outgrow their primary control drama or evolve to higher forms of communication. When you witness one of these control dramas playing out in a difficult person, you can automatically become more understanding. From that perspective you realize that this individual never learned another way to get their needs met and, as such, is deserving of your compassion. This simple and profound shift in perspective can take the entire relationship dynamic in a positive new direction.

This is not the case. Everyone is experiencing reality through personalized filters and perceptions of the world and your behavior is a direct result of those interpretations. In their reality, they are the director, producer, and leading actor of their own movie. You, on the receiving end, play only a small part in their drama. In a similar manner they are possibly only bit players in your drama, so you can choose not to give the bit players of your life control over your happiness.

If you take the situation personally, you end up becoming offended and react by defending your beliefs and causing additional conflict. In refusing to take things personally you defuse the ego and help to de-escalate difficult conversations and potential conflict. This can be a powerful strategy when confronted with a difficult person. Being defenseless means you give up the need to be the smartest person in the room.

The point of this process is to compassionately suspend your need to defend a particular point of view. Oftentimes, the other person simply needs to be heard. By allowing them to express themselves without resistance, they can fulfill that need and perhaps become more amicable.

Establishing defenselessness creates space that allows for a more a compassionate and peaceful interaction. Difficult people can often draw you into a field of negativity. A toxic exchange can leave you feeling physically depleted and emotionally exhausted; if the above options aren't helping you deal with the difficult person, walk away.

You may have the best intentions for the exchange, but sometimes the most evolutionary option is to set boundaries and consciously withdraw from the interaction.

Detach from the difficult situation and trust the universe to work out the resolution. As challenging as it is, dealing with a difficult person can be a learning experience. Relationships mirror your inner world back to you and help open your eyes to those things you may not want to see.

The qualities in another that upset you are often those aspects of yourself that you repress. Better yet, see in this person a friend who, as a part of the collective consciousness of humanity, is another part of you.

Compassion is an attribute of the strong, highly evolved soul who sees opportunities for healing, peace, and love in every situation. Even when faced with a difficult person, compassion allows you to see someone who is suffering and looking for relief. Compassion reminds you that this person is coping with their own issues; has been happy and sad, just like you have been; has experienced health and sickness, as have you; has friends and loved ones who care for them, like you; and will one day, grow old and die, just as you will.

This understanding helps to open your heart to embrace a difficult person from the level of the soul. If you can think, speak, and act from this perspective, you will resonate the compassion that lives at the deepest level of your being and help you to transform your relationships.

Difficult people can challenge your commitment to spirit, but by practicing these steps you can respond reflectively, rather than reactively, and hopefully take your relationships to a more conscious level of expression.

Remember once again that no matter how it might appear, difficult people are doing the best they are able. Find balance anywhere, anytime with the new Chopra App. Download it now for hundreds of personalized guided meditations at your fingertips. Chopra Logo. Self-care Dropdown. Certifications Dropdown. Retreats Dropdown. Articles Dropdown. Chopra App. Take well-being with you wherever you go with the Chopra app. Explore the Science. Learn more about the time-tested and scientifically backed Chopra methods.

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Identifying your own needs rather than assuming others automatically know what you require What am I asking for? Specifically formulating a request for what you need and surrendering the outcome These are powerful and transformative questions that can lead to a more productive and conscious exchange with the people in your life.

Use the S. Model to Avoid Reactivity This acronym can be the most fundamental step in coping with a difficult personal relationship.

Practice Defenselessness This can be a powerful strategy when confronted with a difficult person. Walk Away if Necessary Difficult people can often draw you into a field of negativity. See the Experience as an Evolutionary Opportunity As challenging as it is, dealing with a difficult person can be a learning experience.

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