How to make a magpie costume

how to make a magpie costume

Magpie Fairy Costume

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I spent the evening poring over the Expo website, checking ticket prices and schedules there might also have been a bit of squealing. Not only would the cast be there, but Doc Brown the inestimable Christopher Lloyd was going to posing for fan photographs with a DeLorean. I was hooked. The next day I kicked off costume planning. The first question was who to dress up as? Marty and Jennifer from the 80s? Jer and I have always had a thing for hoverboards and the cheesy futuristic tech in the second movie, so it was an easy sell.

Once we had a theme to go on, I started my research by diving into the movies. The hoverboard gang has always been one of the most memorable parts of Back To The Future II to me, so I was surprised to see they only had about 5 minutes of screen time! Once I had enough photos to reference, I tried to take the costume apart piece by piece.

Which, it turns out, there are a lot of:. Happily, many of the pieces were a combination of bought and made so it was just a matter of figuring out the supplies to order and the best process to put each together. Want to know how I made them? Read on. The making of this hoverboard deserves, and will get, its own post.

But not today! Today hiw just get a quick rundown:. All of this means you end up with something fabulous to carry around that hoa your minor character costume instantly recognizable.

It also garners you some sweet compliments about the pro quality of your props:. Below are photos of the original bodysuit from its sale on ScreenUsedwhich were amazingly helpful as a reference. I considered designing and ordering a custom fabric with the above triangle print on Spoonflower but was a bit apprehensive on that front.

Once it shipped I would still have to figure out how to sew a body suit. So my first attempt involved making a duct tape body double of myself. I used this to draft and fit a custom cotton bodice, thinking that stenciling triangles to cotton would be easier than spandex. At this point I did what I probably should have done earlier — I just ordered a body suit from Amazon that was fairly close to what Darlene Vogel wore and stenciled the triangles onto it.

Download the triangle pattern PDF. I printed off the pattern on an 8. This was the basis for my stencils, of which I made three of by overlaying plastic on the printout and cutting out the triangles with an X-Acto knife. The cutting out took two solid evenings of Netflix watching to get through. Costime this magpoe I did some swatch testing with different inks to see what would bleed the least and look the sharpest. Between Sharpies, Copic markers, and acrylic paint, the acrylic was the clear winner.

It looked great — very sharp edges. I wanted to plan around how the paint would look on the body suit once the fabric ckstume to stretch, so I measured myself at shoulder, chest, waist, and hips. I halved my measurements and then made a rough body shape of thick cardboard to stretch the leotard over. This made sure the leotard was already stretched to the right size when the paint went on. The next step was to tape off the areas where I wanted the paint with masking tape.

The tape peeled off easily so I pinned it how to make a magpie costume place in nake few spots as well. Once that was done the stenciling could begin! There were 3 full repeats of the stencil on the front and 3 on the front, plus a few partials around the chest cups. The arms took 3 stencil repeats on each sleeve, front and back.

This adds up to a lot of dry time, so I cut it back somewhat by making extra stencils so I could do both sleeves and a body piece at the same time. At this point, I took a break and tried to figure out the best way to make the chest cups. Meaning you can either use a heat gun, blow dryer, or clothing steamer to shape it. This melts the plastic fibers and enables the Fosshape to hold the shape you mold it to. Sounds what is a flash memory camcorder great, huh?

For the circular base used to magpoe the Fosshape on, I sliced one edge off of a foam sphere and covered it with aluminum foil so it would resist heat somewhat and not leave flakes of foam on the Fosshape. A garment steamer provided a gentler, more even heat that was much easier to work with.

A bit of experimentation as in the photo labeled Testing, above showed me that although Fosshape is moldable by heat, too much heat makes the edges very stiff. The test on the left also shows my first mag;ie, where I stitched three different sized circles together before molding with a heat gun.

The final attempt, right, involved cutting out one magpis circle the size of magpiw cereal bowls. I then traced out two smaller circles on the wrong side of the fosshape and stitched around them to make the circular stitching.

I added a curved dart to the bottom of each cup to remove some of the excess material so it would heat mold better without wrinkling around the edges.

After the cups were complete I tacked them to the leotard by hand. Lesson learned. Because accidents happen! The edges even contain wire to help it hold its shape.

Then I wrapped it around my arms as shown in the photos, stitched the ends onto the arms of my leotard, and called it a night. The ribbon did end up flattening out into a band over time.

I ended up going to Home Depot and just buying 15 feet of medium-weight gold chain. I stitched the what does the name alyssa stand for on the first time, but since the chain wraps around very thoroughly it needs to be removable to get the costume off.

The second time around Maje used 3 gold safety pins to hold it on, which worked great — 1 just behind the shoulder, and 1 at each hip. This gave me a few options to explore, so I just went to the how to apply for a small business startup loan thrift store and bought whatever what is the most popular type of flat panel monitor closest.

This turned out to be a calf-length black pleated skirt several sizes too big, which was perfect for the job. The skirt required a few modifications — first, removing the elastic waistband and shortening to the right length. Then I took in the sides and added a side zipper. Since the material was synthetic, I melted the edges the bottom seam with a lighter to keep them from fraying rather than having to hem. Spike wears a pair of textured how to install new os on pc leggings under her skirt which you mostly see in action shots.

I turned to trusty VarageSale at this point to find something that was the right shape. Since the plastic front of my shin guards was black and had holes across the front, I filled the holes with drywall filler and sanded down to a smooth finish. Then the front got several coats of white acrylic paint and a few days to dry.

Once the glue dried the details into how to make a magpie costume I covered with 3 more layers of Mod Podge to seal everything and keep it in place.

The ankle guards were fairly easy once I figured out what they were — the bottom part of now guards for soccer. So it was just a matter of picking a pair up and stitching a 2.

Spike must have been a big fan of accessorizing because there are so many little pieces to this costume! First up was the bullet necklace. I looked into buying real bullets but decided against it due to budget, the issue of procuring and rendering impotent live ammo, and an unfamiliarity in working with metal. Thus, the bullet belt. These plastic bullets are attached with a slip-off connector so it was very easy to disassemble.

The bullets are a larger scale than the ones from ohw movie, but close enough that they worked. My brother in law drilled 2 sets of what are the tourist attractions in france in each bullet so what do you mean by energy could string the cord through and add clasps thanks Adam!

You can see a few of mine were crooked if you look closely. This turned into my first foray into the world of Sculpey. Sculpey is a plastic clay that you mold by hand and then bake in the oven until the plastic fuses together. I picked up a pack of Premo! Sculpey in white and fostume pink, along with a jar of Sculpey Gloss Glaze to make my earring shiny. My first step was to do a lot of Googling on how to use Sculpey properly. The main points were:. I figured the best way to make the claw rings the right shape would be to make cardboard approximations of my fingers to mold and bake on.

This worked out surprisingly well and was also fun as I male out how to make them stay in shape with no tape. The earrings were finished off by using some silver wire, an earring hook, and a metal piece I picked up at the hardware store. The rings needed a little more work. These turned out to be a great choice since the claw rings sit above the first knuckle on the finger and needed to be smaller than your average ring.

This also made them very size adjustable once they were made. Once the white Sculpey claws cooled, my husband removed the stones from each toe ring and drilled a small hole in the top.

We then used a tiny screw to attach the ring to the claw before filling the edges with a two-part epoxy putty. Once this had dried I mmagpie the putty and claw sections a few coats of white acrylic paint.

The bracelet for my right hand was fairly straight forward. I found a bracelet with a hinge at a second hand store for mak center, then cut out craft foam to extend at the top and bottom.

A second layer was hot glued to the top and bottom edges to provide some depth, and two crystals hot glued on for a bit of detail.

Breaking It Down

Resin cast magpie skulls - Perfect for costume making / larp / cosplay JWprops. From shop JWprops. 5 out of 5 stars (62) 62 reviews $ Favorite Add to Arabian Costume for Magpie Models - blue & silver Ponymandium. From shop Ponymandium. 5 out of 5 . Oct 15,  · 1. To create the wings, first draw out a scalloped shape wing onto cardboard. I used the straight edge of the cardboard for the top of the wing and then drew a descending scallop shape for the bottom of the wing. Sep 03,  · Cut out the printed panels, spray glue them onto foam (wood would be too heavy to carry all day), and get your husband to 3D print the plastic pieces (3D files available on Instructables) and mount them on the board. Sew a foot strap out of some leftover fabric and attach.

Last Updated: September 21, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 79, times. Learn more You don't have to spend a lot of money to get the perfect costume. Bird costumes, in particular, can be pretty easy to make if you have a bit of time and patience.

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Related Articles. Method 1 of Gather your materials. Before you start creating your costumes, you will want to gather all of your materials. Gather: A skirt, petticoat, or tutu that fits you.

Start with a solid cother like white or blue. Blue feathers or boas Hot glue gun Leggings and a tank top Craft mask or a homemade mask. Start with a petticoat, skirt, or tutu. You will want to start with a solid color that will emphasize the blue of the feathers.

You will want to pick the colors of a bluebird, such as blue or white. Avoid garish colors green, orange, red. Attach the feather boas to the bottom of the skirt. Use a hot glue gun to attach the boa, starting from bottom hem and working toward the waistband. Apply a line of glue all the way around the bottom edge of the skirt and press the feather boa into the glue until the entire bottom edge is covered.

Continue to wrap the boa upward in a loose spiral to create a feathered look. Note that if the petticoat or tutu has a fringe at the bottom, you should glue the feather boa above this fringe.

Do not overlap the fringe with the boa. If you want a more elaborately feathered skirt, repeat this procedure with a second feather boa in a slightly different shade of blue. Glue this feather boa around the bottom of the skirt, directly above the boa at the bottom.

You can repeat this once more with a third feather boa in yet another shade of blue. Let the glue dry before you continue. Create a simple mask that covers the eyes. Take a desired material such as blue felt or poster board and trace a mask around your eyes, forehead, and over the bridge of your nose. Cut the shape out. Make sure you cut holes large enough so that you can sufficiently see out of. Thread a piece of ribbon or elastic on the sides of the mask. You will want to poke a hole using a pair of scissors or hole puncher to do this.

Or, to skip the above steps, you can purchase a simple craft mask at a craft store that you can then decorate. Adhere the feathers to the mask. Use hot glue. Do this when the mask is not on your face. Use a hot glue gun to glue the feathers so that they fan out diagonally from this corner. Move in toward the inner corner of the same eye hole. Glue more feathers so that they fan outward to the same side, overlapping the previous layer of feathers but not the eye hole itself.

Repeat this procedure with the other side of the mask. Trim a few feathers down to 1 inch 2. Glue these pieces in the center of the mask, covering the overlap space between the two previously feathered halves. Let dry. Put together the rest of the outfit.

Now that you have the feathery parts done, you need to dress with a good foundation outfit. Try and stick with colors that will not stand out but will create a good background for your feathery accouterments. For example, you could try wearing a leotard to bring more attention to your craftiness.

Or, try and wear leggings and a tank-top. Combine all the elements. Everything should work together and you should look like a pretty blue bird! The blue feathered skirt corresponds to the bluebird's blue feathered tail, and the blue mask similarly corresponds to the bluebird's blue face. A chest of a bluebird is usually a mixture of tan and white, which is why a tan boa or white tank top may be used instead of blue ones.

A blue shrug or sweater represents the blue wings of a bluebird. Method 2 of Before you get started, you will want to gather enough materials to successfully complete the outfit. Acquire: Brown, gray, and black fabric - enough to stretch from the finger on one hand to another. You want it wide enough to make a cape to attach feathers Additional fabric to create enough feathers to attach to your wings A circle template to make large enough hole for your head.

Cut out a gray wing. Cut out a length of gray felt that is as wide as your arm span and as long as the distance between your neck and the back of your knees. From this, cut out a basic wing shape.

Trace around half the edge using chalk, then cut this portion out. This dip will be positioned around your neck when you wear the wing cape. Place a straight edge at the corner of your neckline. Run it downward diagonally at a 20 degree angle approximately until you reach the edge of the cape. Trace this line and repeat on the other side.

Cut along the two lines. This will be the top of your cape. Create a zig-zag line all around the bottom of the cape. Sketch out a half circle extending from one end of your wing to the other. Draw alternating triangles and inverse triangles around this curve until you reach the other side.

Cut along this line. This completes the top wing of your wing cape. Cut out a black wing. Place your first wing on top of a larger piece of black felt. Trace along the neckline and top edge of the wing using chalk, but extend the edge past that of your gray wing by the length of your triangular zig-zags.

Cut along these lines, then make your zig-zag pattern on the bottom edge of the black wing. When you make the zig-zag pattern for this wing, the triangles and inverted triangles should alternate in opposite order.

In other words, when you line up the two wings, you should see a black triangle in the gap left by every inverted gray triangle. Sew the wings together. Line the two pieces up so that the neckline and top edges lie evenly with each other.

Sew a straight stitch across the neckline only. You can either use a sewing machine or sew the pieces together by hand. Attach two pieces of ribbon to the neck of the wing cape.

Measure out two lengths of black ribbon. Sew one end of each piece to either corner of the neckline, on the side of the black wing.

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