How to optimize blogger for search engine

how to optimize blogger for search engine

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The biggest thing to remember when optimizing a blog for SEO is to write for the reader - not the search engine. Your content will rank the highest when you're writing to solve a reader’s problem, and using words, images, and a format that is designed to help and inform. After all, that’s what search engines . The other side of search engine optimization is Off page search engine optimization or Off-page SEO. Everything outside of your blog, yet they influence to your blog belongs to Off-page SEO or Off-site SEO. Outbound links, co-citations, social mentions and brand mentions belong to Off-page SEO.

Business blogging is a reality today and is considered one of the game-changers in online marketing. However, writing alone is not sufficient to improve the visibility of your blog since it is contingent upon the search engine optimization SEO to a large extent.

Still, not many bloggers are aware of how to optimize their blog and make it SEO-friendly. Search engine optimization is what can you do with exercise science degree absolute necessity for blogs and websites.

When any Internet user searches anythingon a search engine such as Google, they get the most relevant results. Obviously, they prefer opening the websiteson the first page. Hence, in order to stay top of the online business, bloggers must make sure that they capture the relevant traffic according to their niche industry.

Failing to do so would waste a huge chunk of resources that go into marketing a blog. This is could result in a costly waste of time if the blog is integrated with a business website. In other words, if a blog is not optimized properly for the search engine, it could be more of a liability than an asset.

Below are some tips on how you canoptimize your blog for the search engine in order to increase its visibility. Keyword research is the first thing to keep in mind when making any article, page, or site SEO-friendly.

Of course, a good writer would naturally include relevant keywords in their writing. The same applies for someone who is adept at making quality videos or uploading relevant images. However, proper research is important since it would give one access to the correct tools and techniques to use.

It is essential for a startup or beginner blogger to do their homework how to optimize blogger for search engine how to include keywords.

They might not be used to including the relevant keywords even when providing precious content on a topic. As a result, not many users would even get to their content, let alone read it.

To avoid this demotivating occurrence, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and semrush. Additionally, these online tools would even look up the keywords and phrases your successful competition is using. One must also make use of keywords throughout their content. Blog posts, video descriptions, image captions, etc, are all part of the blog. They should do their part in attracting traffic as well.

The placement of keywords is best in the title, headings, sub-headings, first sentences, conclusion, and the anchor text of your content. Tags and Meta descriptions are other ways to make your blog a strong search engine magnet. This entails loading your content with so many keywords that it what to see in perth australia supremely irritating.

The quality of your content would go down, and you would lose visitors. Additionally, too many keywords will make Google and other search engines flag your site as spam. This would cause it how to write a personal biography be actively demoted from the first page of results.

Thus, your blog would paradoxically become even more irrelevant due to the overuse of keywords. Use your keywords and other optimization tools smartly. Optimize your picture descriptions, for example. You can also reference other blogs and sites with links. This would be a well-appreciated gesture as well as increase the chances of their linking back to you. The more prestigious the other blog, the more traffic you would get on yours. A company blog, or any other type, should have a subscription option for their loyal readers.

RSS or Feed Subscription buttons, crucially placed, could give interested viewers a chance to get updates. Once they are notified of new posts on your blogthey would automatically flock to it, thereby increasing your traffic with little to no effort on your part. Social media platforms are now a must for any company.

For example, if everyone is talking about the MET Gala, you could tweet the link to an article you wrote about it. Hootsuite is just how to fix a sore throat and cough of the many free programs that allow users to post links to their blog posts.

Even if one uses all the tricks in the book, they still might not get enough hits. This may be because the content itself is not that great to start with. Quality content is in huge demand these days, when anyone can just churn out a jumble of words and post it on the Internet.

The absolute first action a blogger must take is to make sure their content is of high quality. That means it should be informative, relevant to the topic, and accessible.

It should be easy to read but not to a babyish extent. Your page would then automatically gain recognition and be known as a place of valuable information and updates. A blogger or blog manager must motivate themselves to keep updating their pages and include the proper keywords. A company blog, in particular, should have updates at least once a week. Your social button should be performing their actions properly too.

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1. Do Keyword Research

February 8, Last Modified: February 8, PM. In this new Blogger SEO guide, you will learn how to optimize your Blogspot blog for search engines in the right way in ! Same traffic. Similar conversion rates and earn equal income from blogging? You just need to worry about How you can improve the traffic to your site and how to make it better and ultimately, serve better for your readers.

I bet you want a short PDF version of this post. Blogger also known as BlogSpot is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. You can start your online business today with BlogSpot with free of cost. I started my very first blog on Blogger in not it is well-optimized platform or SEO, but I do not have another option. But, after some time, I practiced SEO and was able to drive traffic from Google and other search engines and earn money.

It was all possible because I learned how to use SEO in blogger properly. So, if you want to achieve the same success like I did and be a better marketer, you have to practice SEO for Blogger. Do you know that two new blogs are created on average in every second?

That is why you have to be smarter than other millions of bloggers out there. If not, how could you take your post among other whopping two millions of blog posts that are published every day to the 1 page of Google SEO? Short Tip: Would you like to know which pages are ranked at the 1 place in Google?

Consequently, You have to follow some rules in some ways to get attention from search engines. In shortened words, SEO. However, you can learn how to use SEO on Blogger rightly so that your posts would rank better on search engines. You have to optimize your blog for search engines to get more traffic from search engines Organic traffic.

The days are gone you wouldn't have to optimize a site to rank higher on search engines. Creating content designing blog structure, interlinking posts, categorization and many other on-site aspects can influence the on page SEO of a site.

In fact, On page optimization is the best way to improve traffic to your blog. Outbound links, co-citations, social mentions and brand mentions belong to Off-page SEO. In search engine optimization, Off-page SEO does a good job of boosting keyword ranking positions. For an example, Backlinks are one of the top factors that Google uses to rank web pages in Google. The wonderful thing about On-page SEO is that you can control over everything.

In this BlogSpot search engine optimization guide , you will learn some proven SEO tips and tricks to increase traffic. The 1 SEO for Blogger sites guide for beginners, intermediates and experts! If you find this BlogSpot SEO tips helpful, do not forget to share with your fellow bloggers and drop a comment below! I have seen many bloggers start with the idea of creating a multi-niche blog. A multi-niche blog is a site that covers many topics. Because there could be already hundreds of experts competing for that field.

When you start writing about a topic, target people will start following you, subscribe to your newsletter, YouTube channel and recommend you as an expert in ….. What is Neil Patel famous for? Is he a photo-blogger? No, he is an SEO expert. Why John Chow is so popular? What if those people start their online business with multi niches?

Could they become experts, build the authority of a specific field within the time they started becoming popular? You want to get targeted website traffic to your blog, right? How do you get targeted traffic from search engines? Writing thousands of articles about everything happening in the world?

Or just writing a few quality articles in your narrowed field? Obviously, you will write more about your niche. Search engines know what these websites are about. Therefore, these websites are ranked for more unoptimized keywords that drive target traffic. For example, let's say you often write about gaming tips, game equipment, top video game reviews etc. If you continue adding more and more relevant articles, search engines will start ranking your site for more related keywords and especially would show your site posts in Knowledge Boxes, Quick Answer and Position Zero results.

In past, they provided these details for users through the Google Webmaster tools a while ago. However, they removed it! In those times, the Problogtricks. If I didn't write articles about those topics or write posts about various subjects, I doubt Google would think that the site is about Blogging.

You can always wide your blogging niche after your blog started growing, making money and establishing an authority. Ex: technology, cooking, gardening, finance, social media.

Or even better, just narrow it down furthermore so that your articles could rank for more long term keywords and drive highly targeted traffic.

Choosing a niche that is easy to dominate is essential particularly if you are going to make more money with your BlogSpot and want to rapidly grow your blog.

There is an easy way of exploring market for your blog. My favorite is Market Explorer by Semrush. Visit Market Explorer by Semrush over here and enter your website address. Next, you will see a screen slightly similar to the below one. In Market Explorer section, you can find out very important information about the particular market. Because you are starting out very small, my suggestion is look for a market that hasn't saturated very much.

In the next section of Market Explorer, you would find another key metric known as Market Dynamic. If your intended blogging niche doesn't have the potential to be what you want to be, it doesn't matter how well you are experienced or skilled.

In this particular section, you can find out whether the niche is growing or not and has the potential to attract traffic beyond search engines, for instance, social media. In the 'Traffic Generation Strategy,' you can get a clear picture of it. For instance, more social traffic mean, higher engagement which mean more returning traffic, higher page sessions, time on page etc. Last, but not least, you would find out more key metrics such as Geo Distribution, Market Traffic, and Market Audience Ages for the market.

Because, selecting a good, profitable and low competitive market is most important than anything else. People identify your blog through the domain name. Not only people trust your blog by having a custom domain for your blog, but also search engines such as Google will start trusting your blog and so demand your blog as a brand.

The best clue of that is Google sitelinks. You can choose a good domain for your blog. The more quicker you purchase a domain, it will become easier to choose a good one.

Because of in every single minute, people purchase Top level domains TLDs. Therefore, I recommend you take an action today. Here are a few tips to choose a perfect domain for your brand blog. Although, contents is ultimately the decider where your blog is ranked, a memorable and short domain name could always make your site stands out from others in the search engine result pages SERPs.

However, a keyword-rich domain can give you a small advantage when it comes to competition in SERPs. The domain name can be a huge factor for the future of your blog. A wrong one can waste every effort you put into the site while a good one obliviously make the site shinning. You can find a good available top level domain name for your blog from using these free online tools.

To learn how to use a custom domain name for your BlogSpot blog, read this step by step article which walks you through how to configure a domain name to work with Blogger. In fact, content marketing is the new search engine optimization. Because, essentially, the meaning of a blogger is a content creator. And SEO is for optimizing content for search engines. What you make online whether be it money, authority or happiness is a proportionate to what you provide. There are literally hundreds of ways to find what your target audience needs.

Here are some of my favorites. The next step of writing content for people is that writing blog post titles which grab the attention in the first place. You should pay your special attention to the blog post title as 8 out of 10 people will read your blog post after reading the title. In addition, I suggest you to read this blog post to know other ways to generating blog post ideas months to come. It contains tons of specific ways to find out what your target visitor is looking for and how to provide best content for them.

The next step is break down your blog post idea into sections and sub-sections. Just write down what you want to share in the blog post. Make sure you have target keywords in mind while planning the blog post. This is probably the easiest step of compiling a new blog post.

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