How to organize a seminar pdf

how to organize a seminar pdf

How to Start a Seminar Production Business

Preparing a seminar / workshop involves understanding a wide variety of issues and concerns. Each seminar / workshop has a unique audience with unique skills and objectives, and perhaps a different number of participants. It is usually held in a different place with a different infrastructure. Two seminars / workshops are never identical, evenFile Size: 84KB. Pre event activitiesO Form an organizing/planning committee The role of a workshop/seminar committee is to take responsibility for putting on the event. The committee would usually be appointed by the executive of the association (or the principal management .

For this reason, the value attached to seminars and other business-initiated forums has increased as well. When confronted with a choice between going through hundreds of pages of research material or listening to experts discuss topics of interest in a comfortable and convenient setting, the latter will most likely be preferred. As with any corporate event, everything starts with identifying hoq purpose of the seminar. The objectives will set the tone for the event — providing the basis on how, where, and when to conduct the seminar, as well as whom to involve and semimar much to spend.

As soon as the basic elements of the seminar have t identified objectives, budget, event date and time, venue, target audienceorganizers are now free to move forward to the semiinar phase of the preparation.

Agreeing on organlze main and supporting topics ssminar the seminar is a key factor in ensuring its success — so are the individuals to whom you assign them for discussion. Got your preferred speakers to confirm their commitment to the seminar? This is when it gets interesting.

As soon as you have your line-up of topics and experts ready, you are now ready to go into full event planning and accounting mode. Create an outline of the seminar activities on an hourly basis, and identify the costs assigned to each segment of the program.

Make sure to include necessary plans of action needed for setting up the venue and for marketing the event. How to write and condition in javascript on the topics and program sequence prepared, take time to proofread, compile and print all the seminar materials on a per-topic basis at least tk 1 week before the actual event, ready for distribution!

Just to make sure that all the files are organiae with the equipment being used, and that all the equipment are in optimum condition. Once all the details are in place, schedule a production meeting with the entire team, suppliers and speakers included, to ensure a smooth-flowing if what is a good watch brand for men stress-free seminar!

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Startup Costs

seminars depend not only on the quality of training provided but also on the planning that supports the delivery of the sessions. Pre event activities Form an organising/planning committee The role of a workshop/seminar committee is to take responsibility for putting on the Size: 48KB. SEMINARS A Collection of Materials on Seminar Approaches and Evaluation Strategies Resources on Seminars A hallmark of many learning communities is the seminar. It is NOT a seminar in graduate school sense, where individuals or teams of students prepare research presentations and receive critiques. Rather, it is aFile Size: KB. is to divide the biggest task (organizing the conference) into smaller areas of responsibility and then assign individuals to these categories. Below is a suggested.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Arsheed Ahmad. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. It refers to a structured group discussion what usually follows a formal lecture or lectures often in the form of an essay or a paper presentation on a theme.

A small population is enough to hold this seminar. A discussion held over the topic taught or to be taught with the students is known as Group discussion. Such group discussions held in an organized way within a class room, it is called mini seminar. This mini seminar gives the students training in questioning skills, organizing the information and presentation skills of seminar.

A mini seminar is felt necessary because it gives good experience to conduct a major seminar at Institutional level. Major SeminarThese types of seminars are conducted by institutional or departmental level for a specific topic or subject is known as Major seminar.

Usually students and teachers are participating in this type of seminar. This major seminar can be organized at department level for every month. A specific topic or subject is selected for the theme of the seminar. National SeminarAn association of any kind particularly with academic or professional interest or an organization Government, Firm, etc. The subject experts are invited to the seminar for discussion.

The Secretary of the seminar prepares the schedule and functionaries for seminar. Inter-National SeminarUsually the seminar is conducted by an international organization or agency is known as International seminar. Theme of this seminar has wider aspects. We can say that the overall purpose or goal of seminar is seminar is to create a space and time for students' engagement, engagement on the idea level the intellect, the intuitive, the emotions. Making a PresentationA presentation concentrates on teaching something to the audience.

A good presentation means that the audience understood the message. The first rule is to place yourself in the mind of your audience. The second rule is to provide the minimum amount of information to the audience; this helps overcome the temptation to fill presentations with details meant to impress the audience.

Your main goal in presenting this seminar is to communicate your topic to an audience of mixed backgrounds and interests. This should not be a technical paper such as would be presented at a professional meeting.

Your seminar should tell a scientific story in a way that everyone present can understand and go home with some lesson learned. So, keep it simple. The seminar won't exist in isolation. The important aspect of your seminar is that you actively participate and contribute your thoughts and opinions.

Obviously you cannot do this if you are scribbling away in a note book! Seminar is conducted or organized by the committee How to participate in a Seminar? As a student you will be involved in a great deal of discussion; both formal academic discussions and discussion in small groups. Much of this discussion will happen in seminars small discussion groups.

In this section we will look at the purpose of these seminars, and the discussions that take place, and how you can get more out of your seminars. How to prepare Presentation Handouts? Like any academic project, before giving oral presentations presenters need to prepare and plan ahead.

In order to be thoroughly prepared it is recommended that you work through this series of steps, taking the following considerations into account: You may choose to work in a different order to the one above and might find it useful to repeat certain steps to make sure you are fully prepared for your presentation.

This committee constitutes a chairperson, Organizing Secretary and subject experts who are expertise in the theme proposed for seminar. The organizing committee guides and helps with the functions of Chair person and organizing secretary.

Usually a seminar has been conducted with the following team of organizing body. He must be the person of tolerance and capable of doing things in right time with right persons.

Globalization, Renovation, Atomic energy agreements, Policies implementation and modification etc. A Nation or its body can conduct or organize the international seminar. Related Papers. Ting, S. Structure of introductions to conference presentations. By Su-Hie Ting. By Ksenia Volchenkova. By Udeme Usanga. By Sharifa AlAdawi. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account?

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