How to stitch collar neck churidar in tamil

how to stitch collar neck churidar in tamil

How to Stitch a Churidar Step-by-Step With Pictures

#thaiyaltamilil #collarchuridarcuttingandstitchingintamil #kalarsuditharcuttingintamil This video shows COLLAR NECK Chudithar Cutting & Stitching in tamil Ea. From this video you can learn how to make front open chudidar in simple and easy method.

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Thread starter vasanthiragu Start date Dec 4, Joined Dec 4, Cchuridar 1 Location thanjavur. Joined Jul 26, Messages 33, Location mysore. Hi Vasanthi, Welcome to penmai. Our friend Divyakala has posted the following details in her thread: Stitching a chudithar top is easy.

Accurate measurementssome practice will help you to stitch anything well. The above is the stitching pattern untitled. Using the stitching stltch i've drawn the pattern on a chart. If your gonna stitch in your measurementtake your churidar and measure it with a inch tape and draw the stitching pattern. First take the cloth, fold it breadthwise firstnext fold it lengthwise.

After that you can place the stitching pattern and mark the edges using marking chalk. The material i've used has a lining material too so first im gonna cut the lining material then the outer material. Beginers never cut both materials together. After cutting the lining materialnext im gonna cut the outer material. Be carefull that you dont disturb the cloth.

Then cut the outer material. Next join the front pieces and back pieces by stitching them throughout the edges. Next you will have seperate front and back piece. Next stitch the neck part using crosspiece or lining using extra cloth. Next stitch the shoulders of both piece together. Stitch the sleeves to the armhole.

Next join the left and right sides of churidar. Fold and stitch the openings below ckllar. After the sleeves are attached the final outcomethe churidar is ready. Our friend Divyakala further given the details of cutting and stitching the bottom:This is a chudithar pant or salwar that how to make sushi bake are gonna learn to stitch.

Stitching a pant is easy. Now let us see the stitching pattern for a chudithar pant salwar. I have given the readymade measurement. You can try with your own measurement using a sample pant and a inch tape.

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Hi All, I want to know how to stitch the chudi with sample chudi in tamil. Thanks, Vanitha Bye. Joined Aug 19, Messages Location Chennai. Very useful thanks for sharing. You must log in or register to reply here. Clothings 1 Oct 13, U front neck designs for churidar Ask Question 5 Nov 22, U churidar neck designs - latest designs collag bride Ask Question 1 Nov 3, U churidar collar neck designs catalogue pdf Ask Question 1 Oct 14, Sponsored Links.

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Easy and Simple Churidar pant cutting and stitching

This Video is about Sewing Neck Collar Cutting and Stitching. This Can be Used for Collar Churidar, Shirt, Uniform etc. This Video's Language is Tamil. Watch. #trinitystudioerode #blousestitching #churidarstitching #trinitystudioerode #tamiltailoringclass #blousecuttingtips #trinitystudioerode #blousestitching #chu. Mar 13,  · Now using the below pics you can have an idea how to stitch a churidar top. Using the stitching pattern i've drawn the pattern on a chart. If your gonna stitch in your measurement, take your churidar and measure it with a inch tape and draw the stitching pattern. First take the cloth, fold it breadthwise first, next fold it lengthwise. After that you can place the stitching pattern and mark the .

Churidars are among the most common outfits for the women of India. They are suitable for all ages — from children to grandmas. They are popular because they are easy to wear. Personally, they are one of my favorite kinds of dresses. Churidars come in a huge variety. They're also closely related to the traditional sari.

The churidar is available in markets, both in ready-made form as well as just the material with ready-to-stitch supplies. Since the fit obviously matters to us, most prefer ones that are stitched by a tailor. However, when a heavy outfit is required, most prefer ready-made or ready-to-stitch ones. These outfits come with some parts already stitched, and can be shaped to fit after they are purchased. Nowadays, their popularity has increased so much that there are tailoring shops in every nook and cranny of the city.

Because of the high demand, it often takes over a week to get one stitched. The rates also vary by location. For example, in Kerala itself, towards Kottayam and Changanacherry, I've experienced a reasonable price of rupees per stitch. However, in Trivandrum, the minimum charge was , which goes up with additional features for example, a piping in the sleeve or a design on top, etc.

In the two photos above, you can see the cotton material I used. The fabric for the top has a different color and pattern than the fabric for the bottom.

Take a correctly fitted, finished churidar, fold it, and place it on top of the material as shown, to transfer its measurements onto the fabric. When you outline the churidar to mark the material, leave extra space for the width of the seams that you will stitch.

In the picture above, you can see the material marked with blue chalk. Now, mark the neck opening on the piece you have for the top. Don't forget to place an extra piece of material along that portion while marking, since you need to stitch it onto the top inside out to make the facing for the neck opening. The two above photos should give you an idea of how the extra piece and top portions will look, once you finish cutting along the marked line.

Cut out the material for the pants along the marks. The legs are cut extra wide at the top to allow for pleats, with an extra piece for the waistband. I used my electrical sewing machine to get the stitching done.

I've been using this one for four years. Create pleats in the middle, at the hip, when you stitch each pair of top and bottom pieces together. Now, join both legs as shown in the figure above. Include a fold at the top with a bit of room for the cord that ties the pants.

You've now completed your bottom portion. To add my own personal flair, I sewed on a folded piece of the top material as a decorative detail along the bottom of the leg. You can do this for yours as well by folding the same and stitching. As you'll see below, I took a small strip of the material from the bottom and used it as piping along the hem of the sleeves. Stitch the neck piece along with the separately cut portion so that both sides face each other. Then, stitch by placing the outside portion inside the top portion.

Both the front and back neck are stitched as explained. I also created piping along the openings on the side of the top with some material from the bottom piece. Now stitch the sleeves onto the top, with both good sides facing each other, stitched from the inside.

It should look like the photo above. I hope my efforts give you a good overview on how to stitch a churidar. I do hope that somebody will get inspired to try or learn this for themselves. I'm happy to help however I can. Please don't hesitate to leave your comments or questions below.

This step by step tutorial is really helpful.. Tanq :. I agree with Kalyani. Chudidars are tight-fitting pants with gathers chudis at the ankle.

Chudidars are cut on the bias. Thanks Narmada, this I had tried myself.. Its very helpful but iam the bigginer l have a lot of doubts anyway this is very simple method thanku very much mam. Crafts For Kids. Book Repair. Craft Organization. Cross Stitch. Color Facts. Artist Corner. Related Articles. By Ann Leavitt. By Zsuzsy Bee. By Stacie Naczelnik. By GenevieveStevens. By Lisa Auch. By Melanie Shebel. By Colleen Fowler. By Suzanne Day.

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