What does subtweeting mean on twitter

what does subtweeting mean on twitter

What Is a Subtweet on Twitter?

Subtweet definition, (on the Twitter website) a hostile or otherwise negative post that is addressed to or about a particular person but does not mention the personТs username or does not name the person at all. See more. subtweet. A tweet (message posted on the website Twitter) that mentions a Twitter member without using their actual username. Usually employed for negative or insulting tweets; the person you're mentioning won't see the subtweet in their Twitter timeline as it doesn't contain the @ symbol that every Twitter username has.

Subtweet is short for subliminal tweet. In other words, it's whwt Twitter post about somebody that doesn't actually mention their username or their real name. Subtweeting is often used to make a comment about someone while keeping their identity vague so that no one will probably figure out who you're talking about. You may have seen these types of posts on Facebook and other social networks.

Examples include cryptic status updates or captions where the poster is clearly directing their message at someone without naming the person. Subtweets are commonly subtweteing to say something negative about a person.

Still, subtweets can also show admiration for somebody when you're too shy to let them know. Subtweeting gives people a way to express themselves more genuinely, without being too open about it. If you want somebody to see your critical tweet, you might say:. The user would get a notification that they were mentioned in your tweet, and twittdr whole world would see it. If you wanted to turn that into a subtweet so that the person you're referring to doesn't get a notification, you doe say:.

That way, you can express your feelings without starting a conflict. If your friends and followers can figure out who gave you the cupcake, twityer could draw them into the what is needed to file taxes jointly and make things worse than if you had just been more direct in the first place.

Be careful what you post on Twitter. Just because you don't mention a person's name doesn't mean they won't eventually see what you tweet. Elise Moreau. Freelance Contributor. Elise Moreau is a writer that has covered social media, texting, messaging, and streaming for Lifewire. Her work has appeared on Techvibes, SlashGear, Lifehack and others. Facebook Twitter. Updated on February 11, Tweet Share Email. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Email Address Sign up There was an error.

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The basics

A УsubtweetФ is a message on Twitter that refers to another person without using their handle. For example, saying УForecheckerФ instead of У @Forechecker Ф if you were mentioning me. The purpose of a subtweet is often to talk about another person without addressing them directly, or inviting a reply, since they receive notifications for any tweets containing their loveescorten.comted Reading Time: 3 mins. the act of mentioning a person on Twitter Щ without using the symbol @ before their name so they do not see what you have written: Subtweeting is the internet equivalent of talking about someone behind their back. . What does subtweet mean? Subliminal tweet A tweet that is directed at somebody for negative reasons but done subliminally so the recipient doesn't know that he is being targeted; removes the @ in front of the person's handle so he isn't directly tweeted at; a passive-aggressive way to attack other tweeple ; can be used as a noun or a verb.

Talking about someone behind their back on Twitter is complex. What does it take to master the subtle art of the subtweet? But in truth, the art of subtweeting consists of many different strokes. Subtweeting can be brilliant, it can be cruel, it can be rude, it can be annoying as hell. A subtweet means you are commenting about someone who you have not in. This means that they will receive a notification whenever you include them in a tweet, and other people will be able to see the link to their Twitter account.

The person mentioned will keep receiving notifications related to the tweet in which they were mentioned. Which backfired when she saw it. Subtweeting someone while identifying them by name usually happens if: in this case, you are talking about a public figure in a not-really-offensive tweet; making a general observation, but not needing to specifically address them; or if a celebrity has a twitter handle that bears no relation to their name and you want people to know who you are talking about.

Russell Brand , for instance, whose Twitter handle is rustyrockets. In this sense, the subtweet is the Twitter-born cousin of vaguebooking. Vaguebooking statuses often end in either ellipses or emoticons, though vaguebooking is slightly different to subtweeting, which always has to be about a person. Sometimes vaguebooking is just a means of general attention seeking.

This is why some parents are worried about subtweeting as a form of cyberbullying. Conversations can crop up as Twitter back-and-forths about a person, but without explicitly naming them. The best subtweets, however, can be incredibly witty and waspish Ч think of an Oscar Wilde one-liner. Some people have now taken to using a subtweet hashtag, which totally defeats the object. Why do some people use subtweet hashtags on subtweets?

Technology blog Technology. This article is more than 6 years old. The Twitter twitter account. Hannah Jane Parkinson. Wed 23 Jul The basics A subtweet means you are commenting about someone who you have not in.

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