What is a mobile prefix

what is a mobile prefix

Area Code, Prefix, & Other Parts of a Phone Number

rows · Notes[edit] ^Mobile Prefix - The original prefix issued to the mobile network operator. Please note: due to mobile number portability, it is possible for these mobile prefixes to be shared by different mobile operators. 73 rows · May 11,  · A “mobile number prefix” is the first four numbers such as on your digit mobile number. Say.

What is a mobile number prefix? For example, the mobile number prefix of is This prefix determines what are the benefits of cosmetic surgery mobile network this particular number belongs to, whether Smart, Globe, Sun, or something else.

It was easier about years ago when mobile numbers in usage were far fewer. Nowadays, there are several mobile service providers and more coming up with the impending entry of a third player. At the prefkx, there are two dominant mobile networks mkbile the Philippines, Smart Communications and Globe Telecom. Other lesser-known mobile service providers are Cherry Mobile, Extelcom and Next. This whhat updated list of mobile number prefixes will help you determine what mobile network a number belongs to.

This is quite helpful if you are availing of a call or text promo and you want to call or text a particular number. That way, you can avoid extra charges for inter-network connections. The list is constantly being updated so if you can suggest a new prefix, please let us know by contacting us or commenting below. Luis is the founder and editor of Tech Pilipinas. He mobipe passionate about technology and how it can change the world for the better.

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71 rows · Jul 14,  · What is a mobile number prefix? It’s the first four digits of the digit mobile . Sep 01,  · After the area code, you have the prefix. The prefix expectedly provides a more narrowed location of a telephone number, signifying a specific location such as a town. The area code generally does not need to be dialed when calling another number with the same prefix. An international call prefix or dial out code is a trunk prefix used to select an international.

Dito Prefixes. DITO Telecom is starting very soon. Their official commercial launch will be March We are very excited to try their services offer. Then after that, you will have your own mobile number. Mobile phone numbers are always 10 digits; 0 plus the country calling code total of Three digits for the service provider 0 Mobile area codes are three digits long and always start with the number 9.

Seven-digit number 0 it is your unique number. Since Dito Telecommunty is another major player of Telecommunications provider in the Philippines, we are expecting that we have some of mobile number prefixes.

They are already listed as one of the top providers in the Philippines at Speedtest by Ookla. Here are the list of Dito Telecom mobile number prefixes ; unverified unverified unverified unverified unverified unverified unverified unverified. NOTE: The above details will be updated as soon as it will be available in public. We will change this from time-to-time so you will get the latest updates of this post.

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