What is happening in sri lanka now

what is happening in sri lanka now

What exactly is going on in Sri Lanka?

Stay on top of Sri Lanka latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeeras fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps. The total number of deaths due to Covid- 19 infection in Sri Lanka- The Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka (Press Release) Apr In the last 8 hours Right of reply Geneva -the misconceptions Response to Sri Lankas Last Hope Sri Lanka Daily Mirror Apr

Eleven members voted against the resolution. India was among 14 countries which abstained from voting. The Rajapaksa-led government in Lanka has sought help from India to counter allegations raised by the UN rights body over Sri Lanka's "repeated failure to ensure justice for the victims and promote reconciliation after the end of armed conflict with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam LTTE. Channa Jayasumana announced.

This development occurred after the chief of NMRA, happsning a few days ago facing pressure for approving Sinopharm. He was not satisfied about third stage trial data. A temple in Sita Eliya is dedicated to Goddess Sita and is said to mark the place where she was held captive by the Lankan laanka Ravana and where she regularly prayed to Lord Rama for her rescue. What these measures will also do is help fend off interference from the International Monetary Fund, whose aid comes with strict conditions.

Addressing the Sri Lanka-Pakistan Trade and Investment Conference in Colombo, Khan said that he offered India an opportunity to hold peace talks on being elected as prime minister in but nothing came to pass. But, our electoral laws do not permit overseas political parties to work here," Punchihewa told reporters. The Indo-Lanka railway sector partnership is also gathering momentum. The department of Census and Statistics how to change the keyboard to arabic the record decline in the second quarter compared with a slower 1.

Have you read these stories? West Bengal: Sixth phase polling underway Updated: Apr 22, happeniny, Voting for the sixth phase is underway in 43 constituencies spread across four districts.

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Corning Gorilla Glass TougherTogether. Great Manager Awards. UN begins monitoring Sri Lanka after adverse resolution at rights body, says new report The resolution titled 'Promotion of Reconciliation Ac All News Videos Photos. India keeps Sri Lanka guessing on atrocities against Tamils 04 Feb, Sri Lanka faces worst decline as debt crisis looms 15 Dec, Browse Companies:.

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The Sri Lanka Navy conducted a drill at the harbor yesterday (14th March) to rehearse Standard Operational Procedure that could be adopted in the event of transferring a suspected COVID patient from a ship to hospital ashore and quarantining a particular area on the land. Sri Lanka Limits Provision of Consular Services in Overseas Missions. Jan 21, Sri Lanka is now officially open for tourism as of January 21st, allowing tourists per day. Which Countries Can Visit Sri Lanka? Visitors from all countries and of all nationalities are welcome to visit Sri Lanka with the exception of the . Mar 23, Sri Lanka shuns IMF for China by taking a leaf out of Malaysia's contrarian crisis playbook 09 Mar, , PM IST. The new steps will strengthen Sri Lankas credit profile, enhance exchange rate stability, and improve the resilience of the economy, the nation's central bak said in a statement last month.

Kandy The curfew imposed in Kandy has been temporarily lifted on Thursday following days of violence against Muslim minorities in the tourist town. About 50 people broke into Mohammad Ramzeen's small restaurant in the town of Pilimathalawa on Wednesday night while the curfew was in effect, destroying nearly everything they found.

Buddhist mobs are still sweeping through Muslim neighborhoods in Sri Lanka's central hills, destroying stores and restaurants despite a curfew, a state of emergency and heavy deployment of security forces, residents said Thursday. Others in the area around Kandy, the main hill town, have described similar attacks since the violence began early this week.

The streets of most towns were all-but empty Thursday except for police and soldiers. The Sri Lankan government has reportedly deployed more troops to maintain peace in the area. The government ordered a state of emergency Tuesday, and has also shut down a handful of popular social media networks, saying they were being used to spread false rumors that led to mob attacks.

As mobs continue to sweep through Muslim neighbourhoods in Sri Lanka's central hills, destroying stores and restaurants despite the state of emergency and heavy deployment of security forces, many Sri Lankan residents voice their concerns to Gulf News.

Many Sri Lankan residents are concerned and disappointed with the current situation in Sri Lanka. There was substantial damages to property. Two of my work colleagues had their families trapped in the other towns where the riots escalated. My father's work place was near the riots and when I called to check on him, he said they closed his office and he was leaving.

I could not get in touch with him for many hours after he left. The people who were behind these attacks should stop for a moment and think: What if it was their parents?

Brothers or sisters? How would they feel? Despite our peaceful religion, strong actions should be taken by the government to punish the people who have caused this incident. Arshad Booso , a young Muslim from Wattala expressed his disappointment at how the warm and friendly Sri Lankans are partaking in violence.

If only these people saw it as a truck driver dying as a result of four youth without the racial tags being attached. I would have thought that after going through a war lasting over 25 years, people would have learnt their lesson by now. Not a single religion practised in Sri Lanka promotes violence. Not Islam and definitely not Buddhism either.

Sri Lankans need to know that they will not get anywhere with all this racial division and corrupt leaders. Lisanthi Jayawardana , a young woman from Sri Lanka, believes that Sri Lankans have learned to deal with issues like these over the years. We have too many roots instilled in different ethnicities, backgrounds and religions, to allow another 'war' to happen.

A small group of power hungry people should not and will not be allowed to stop all the love, friendships and understanding we built up through all these years.

This situation will be controlled, because people are much smarter than they were 30 to 40 years back. We have learnt our lesson. We know what to avoid and when to fight for our rights. The violence is a very unfortunate issue.

However, even after the incidents, the people of Sri Lanka are continuing their day-to-day life together. While this incident is unfortunate, the security forces have done a great job in ensuring the safety of people, limiting rumours and ensuring calm in the rest of the country. The people here are peace-loving and tourist friendly. No one in Sri Lanka can be marginalized or threatened or harmed due to their ethnicity or religion.

We are One Country and One people. Love, trust and acceptance should be our common mantra. No place for racism and violence. Stand together and stand strong. Kandy is a scenic hilly town in central Sri Lanka and is a well-known tourist hotspot. It is also the second-largest city in the country and has an elevation of more than feet above sea level. For people who would like a movie-reference to the beautiful city, much of the Harrison Ford starrer, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom , was shot in the scenic surroundings of Kandy.

Demographically, the population is largely Sinhalese an ethnic group native to the country, most are Theravada Buddhists and has minority populations of Tamil-speaking Moors largely Muslims, tracing ancestry to Arab traders who settled in Sri Lanka and other groups including Tamil Hindus and Christians. The city is also significant for Theravada Buddhists as a religious and cultural hub, and as a place of pilgrimage.

Sri Lanka has long faced a bitter ethnic divide between the majority Sinhalese and the minority Tamils, fueling a bloody, decades-long civil war as Tamil militants tried to carve out their own homeland. Like most rebellions and divides in South Asia, the conflict has its roots in sentiments harboured and grown during Great Britain's colonial rule of Sri Lanka - then called Ceylon.

The 'Divide and Rule' policy of the Empire festered and created evergrowing permanent tension between the native Sinhalese majority and Tamil minority groups. LTTE turned terrorist and propogated 'ethnic cleansing' in their strongholds - directed at Tamil Moors and Sinhalese, calling for a separate state 'Eelam' comprising areas in the northern and eastern provinces of modern Sri Lanka.

LTTE came to be known as 'masters of suicide bombing' and used this tactic for many of their high-profile assasinations and terror attacks. The country was in a state of emergency for almost three decades as the Sri Lankan government tried to defeat the militant rebellion, succeeding ultimately in But in the years since the war ended in , a religious divide has grown, with the rise of hard-line Buddhist groups that stoke anger against minority Muslims.

This year, the riots and violence started off with a singular incident - a truck driver, admitted to the intensive care unit in Kandy General Hospital, died of injuries suffered when four youth attacked him. The driver was Sinhalese while the perpetrators of the attack were Muslim. This and a few other incidents in the area started off the communal violence, a first in the country since another similarly motivated clash in The violence and the heavy security presence are largely contained to the island's central hills.

In the capital, Colombo, and other cities and towns, there are few if any signs of trouble. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. This section is about Living in UAE and essential information you cannot live without. By clicking below to sign up, you're agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thursday, April 22, India Pakistan Philippines. All Sections. Image Credit: AP Kandy The curfew imposed in Kandy has been temporarily lifted on Thursday following days of violence against Muslim minorities in the tourist town.

Social media blocked for three days The government ordered a state of emergency Tuesday, and has also shut down a handful of popular social media networks, saying they were being used to spread false rumors that led to mob attacks. More From Asia. Indonesia searching for missing submarine with Japan PM cancels trip to India, Philippines. Photos: China's failed share-cycle scheme from above.

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Female security guards seen at Grand Mosque. Egypt: Man electrocutes son to death. Guard cries after not getting salary for 5 months. Latest In. Global education network with presence in 20 countries 6 minutes ago.

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