What was the original doritos flavor

what was the original doritos flavor

Original Doritos

Mar 25,  · Doritos, which translates to "little golden things" in Spanish, originally debuted in in the taco flavor. Originally, Doritos were made at Anaheim, California, at the Disneyland resort before being bought by the Frito-Lay company. Dec 12,  · A Doritos bag from heralds their "toasted corn taste." Doritos are one of America’s favorite snack foods. Powder-covered and crunchy, they taste just as delicious arranged into a bouquet of roses as they do in rainbow colors.

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Original Doritos. Thread starter Kirby Start date Jan 23, Kirby DIS Veteran. Joined Apr 7, I pulled out an old recipe called Dorito How to update android versions the other day. I haven't made flagor in awhile and thought it sounded good.

It calls for the Original Doritos and I can't find them anywhere in the grocery stores. I've tried Tostitos and other tortilla chips in the recipe a long time ago and they just don't hit the mark. I wonder what if one of the other Dorito flavors will work.

BrianL Doom Buggy Driver. Joined Jul 24, Kirby said:. BrianL said:. You know, they don't sell the original Doritos anymore in the US but I was reading and apparently in the UK there is a type called "Lightly Salted" that is the same thing. They come in a yellow bag. You may be able to get them off of Amazon or at a specialty vendor specializing in international foods. I didn't realize that. I'll have to take a look. Joined Oct 23, Also note, the actual original is what was called "Toasted Corn" but "Taco Flavor" came out a how to prepare a cover letter for resume later and might be considered the original by some.

They weren't selling those, but I have seen they may have brought them back in retro packaging for a limited time. That might be what you are looking for. Diznygrl Disneyland Fanatic.

Joined Jul 8, So any flavor you choose will origunal bring something different to a casserole that's supposed to have plain chips. However, if it was me, I'd use the Taco Flavor Doritos in a casserole. Available flagor Walmart and most other supermarkets. Doing a Google search of 'Original Doritos', the Taco flavor came up and was available at Walmart or Target onlinebut I didn't realize there was a plain corn chip version until I dug a little further e.

If you read the Wikipedia you saw, and I'm sure many people here know this, that Doritos were invented at Disneyland! Joined Aug 16, Doritos are sold in many countries worldwide in assorted flavors. They launched nationally in the United States inwith only one flavor: Toasted Corn.

Frito-Lay therefore developed taco-flavored Doritos, which also became successful after they were introduced nationally in National distribution of nacho cheese-flavored Doritos whaat inand were also a hit. A Sesame seed flavored chip was also available for a short time in the late s.

Doritos - Wikipedia. I did not know that until I read it there - cool little trivia nugget. Joined Nov 28, Might still be available. Joined Oct 29, Diznygrl said:. The concept for Doritos originated in a restaurant at Disneyland.

I don't know what the intent of asking about Doritos specifically on a Disney forum, but I also didn't know this Joined Jan 20, Yes, the more I think about it the more I think of Taco Flavor as the original. I don't think anyone ever ate the "plain" when I was little. I searched them out a couple years ago for a friend living in Cozumel. It was a long journey but I did end up finding them.

Sad part, I can't remember where. My husband and I loved them and that is all we ate. Toolulu22 DIS Veteran. Joined Feb 22, Weird, because I always thought Nacho Doritos was the original flavor.

Never saw anything else as a kid until Cool Ranch came. Taco I'd never seen until well after Cool Ranch. Toolulu22 said:. I always thought Nacho Cheese was the original flavor originl well. It's still my favorite wgat, though I don't often indulge- because they are a guilty salty pleasure for sure. In high school, we'd put them on bagels with butter otiginal lunch. Joined Apr 8, I liked the taco Doritos and remember when nacho cheese came out as a new flavor.

He was half of the comedy duo Burns and Schreiber, who had their own TV show. Hikergirl DIS Veteran. Joined Feb 28, I had no idea that the oritinal cheese flavor wasn't the original. I have never seen the toasted corn ever. The original was actually out for many years. It wasn't until 5 or so years ago did they become hard to find. Wonder if they were marketed in different parts of the country. I know for sure that Texas and Colorado had the original.

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Apr 28,  · whatever happened to original Doritos flavor? Update: sorry,but nacho was not the original dortito flavor. Update 2: i reiterate nacho flavored doritos is not the 1st flavor it was a plain corn tortilla chip. Answer Save. 9 Answers. Relevance. Wanderer. Lv 4. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. In April , the Doritos brand sponsored a reality television series on MTV to promote its launch of Spicy Sweet Chili–flavored chips. On June 12, , Doritos launched the world's first "extraterrestrial" advertising campaign, broadcasting a second spot via "high-powered radars" located at the Arctic Circle and operated by the European. I love Doritos original flavor. For me there is no need for any other flavor. My only complaint is the price. The size of the bag at $ is a bit pricey even for me. The bag is just a smudge bigger than the individual size bags. If you love the original flavor, it may be worth the occasional indulgence.4/4(1).

Asked by Wiki User. According to Wikipedia, the first Dorito flavor was Toasted Corn. Taco-flavored Doritos came next. The now-classic Nacho Cheese flavor was the third flavor they introduced, in the early s. Mountain Dew. The Incredible Hulk. Toasted Corn. Doritos come in numerous flavors, from cheese to bbq to cool ranch and many more. Cool Original gets my vote!

I don't know but I miss that flavor. I didn't see that flavor in stores for quite a while. Maybe they were discontinued. They are presenting a new Doritos bag called Mystery Flavor. They taste like cheeseburger just like Doritos XD. I would look for those. Mountain DewMountain Dew.

Doritos were first produced in by Frito-Lay. Offically announce as Chicken Balti!! Never would of guessed that :-S. Any food eaten in excess can make you fat. Contrary to popular belief chocolate was not the first first flavor of the blizzard. Legend has it that the first flavor was oreo.

What was the first flavor starburst made? The first flavor was brown sugar cinnamon. The first flavor was vanilla.

I think the first flavor of yoplait yogurt was strawberry because strawberry is a popular flavor! Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. What was the first favor of doritos? When were doritos available?

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